OnRamps Economics launched
in the 2023-2024 academic year
with a "small" pilot reaching...


school districts across Texas


high school economics teachers


high school students learning economics through OnRamps!

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OnRamps Economics

Sixteen school districts across Texas are currently participating in the pilot version of the OnRamps Economics Course launched in fall 2023. The course will begin its full run in fall 2024 and be offered to thousands of students across the Lone Star State.

Economics introduces students to the principles, models, and conditions that influence how consumers, businesses, governments, and workers make and evaluate economic decisions.

The course places emphasis on microeconomics concepts and quantitative reasoning as students employ logic, mathematics, and technology to interpret basic statistics and apply economic analysis. It also features macroeconomics topics and personal financial literacy content in addition to core concepts including scarcity and opportunity costs, supply and demand, market structures, competition, and behavioral economics.

All OnRamps courses are designed to pique intellectual curiosity, stimulate scholarly inquiry and dialogue, and help students develop the skills, academic behaviors, and work habits necessary for college and career success.



ECON 2302

UT Course Code:

ECO 304K
3 College Credits

Algebra II (recommended or concurrent enrollment)



OnRamps Civics

In 2024-2025 academic year, faculty from the School of Civic Leadership will develop the new OnRamps Civics course. The pilot will launch in the fall of 2025. Check back often for updates as we progress towards providing high school students throughout Texas with a robust, top-notch civics curriculum.

What is OnRamps?

OnRamps’ mission is to increase the number of students who access and engage in learning experiences aligned with the expectations of leading research universities. Their team of experts in the fields of instructional innovation and design, professional learning and development, and enrollment management serve a growing community of high school students and their families, high school teachers, counselors, district and campus administrators, and college and university faculty and leadership.


What Does OnRamps Do?

OnRamps delivers high-quality distance education to students and teachers. Their dual enrollment courses have prepared more than 167,000 students in Texas for the challenges and rigor of college.

OnRamps offers robust professional development to teachers and faculty to help advance their content knowledge and expertise and boost student engagement, persistence, and completion.

OnRamps partners with school districts and higher education institutions–whether through offering OnRamps courses or seeking unique, customizable supports–to help students and teachers excel in the classroom and beyond