High School Students

You have questions: What is friendship? What’s a good life? What is good, beautiful, true? How can a political community protect liberty and provide order? What is the common good?

For all that you do in high school, what is worth doing well? Beyond GPAs and credentials, what’s the point of your education?

Your education can be more than earning a degree. It can help you decide what is worth doing with your life.

The Freedom & Virtue Seminars at UT Austin’s School of Civic Leadership (SCL) bring together bright, motivated high school students with a passion for Western civilization, the American founding, and the common good.

Apply for a one-day seminar (apply to one seminar date only):
Thursday, June 13, 2024 Freedom & Virtue Seminar: Western Civilization
Thursday, July 25, 2024 Freedom & Virtue Seminar: The American Constitution

In the seminar, an SCL professor leads a small cohort of high school students in a discussion of an essential text of Western Civilization or the American tradition. Seminars meet at UT Austin.

Both of the Freedom & Virtue Seminars will adhere to the following schedule:
9:00-10:00 am Breakfast at the Littlefield Home
10:00-11:00am Seminar 1
11:15-12:15 am Seminar 2
12:30-1:30 pm Lunch at the Littlefield Home
1:30-2:30 pm Seminar 3

Potential seminar themes:
• Excellence of Character: The Virtues
• The Quest for Community
• Politics and the Transcendent
• Perennial Problems of Politics
• Origins of American Institutions
• Constitutionalism: Ancient and Modern
• Democracy and Capitalism
• Truth and Persuasion

Please address inquiries to:
Antonio Sosa
Associate Director
Civitas Institute
University of Texas at Austin
Email: antonio.sosa@austin.utexas.edu